7-10 July 2007 Four nm2 pilot productions (Gods in the Sky Choice, Cambridge City Symphony, Gormenghast Explore, and RuneCast), plus the NM2 toolkit, were demonstrated at the 27th Cambridge International Film Festival.
17-19 June 2007 nm2  software demonstrated at the 4th International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity, London.
7 June 2007 Demonstration of NM2 production "Gormenghast Explore",
presentation of paper “ShapeShifting Screen Media: A Declarative Computational Model for Interactive Reconfigurable Moving Image
Narratives”, and demonstration of NM2 software at the AAAI conference AIIDE07 in Stanford, USA.
23-25 May 2007 nm2 had a significant presence at EuroITV in Amsterdam:
- NM2  paper “Conceiving ShapeShifted TV: A Computational Language for Truly-Interactive TV”.
- One-day tutorial on ShapeShifted TV, the descriptor used for
the new type of media developed in NM2.
18-21 April 2007 nm2  paper on the NM2 production RuneCast - "Taking a Chance on Losing yourself in the Game" - presented  at the "Women in Games" international conference 2007 in Newport, Wales.
12-15 February 2007 nm2 paper presented at "ISSPA 2007 - International Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications, in conjunction with the
International Conference on Information Sciences, Signal Processing and its Applications"
, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
12-15 January 2007 Presentation of nm2 production "Interactive Village" with an accompanying poster session at the "International Conference on Arts and Humanities" in Honolulu
6-8 December 2006 Demo of nm2tools at the exhibition of "SAMT2006 - Semantics And digital Media Technology" in Athens
30 November 2006 Conference poster/invited paper presentation at "CVMP - Conference on Visual Media Production" as part of IET 2nd Multimedia conference, London, UK
22-23 November 2006 Presentation of "Cambridge City Symphony" at "Happiness - Lessons form the Arts", London, UK
21-23 November 2006 Exhibition stand at IST 2006, Helsinki, Finland
7-12 September 2006 Conference paper and exhibition stand at IBC 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12-24 August 2006 Conference paper at IFIP AI 2006, Santiago, Chile
9-12 July 2006 Conference paper at ICME 2006, Toronto, Canada
11-14 June 2006 Tutorial on semantic issues at ESWC 2006, Budva, Montenegro

30 November - 2 December 2005

Poster session and articles presenting the Gods in the Sky Choice prototype and conceptual Gormenghast 3D at Virtual Storytelling 05, Strasbourg, France

30 November - 1 December 2005 nm2 paper at EWIMT 2005 (2nd European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media Technology, London)
11-13 November 2005 nm2 paper at PCI 2005 (10th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, Volos, Greece)
4-8 September 2005 nm2 paper for the EUSIPCO conference (13th European Signal Processing Conference, Antalya)
18-20 February 2005 nm2 presentation at International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society, Berkeley
25-26 November 2004 nm2 poster presentation at EWIMT 2004 (European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media Technology, London)



April-June 2007 nm2 article “Interactivity = Reflective Expressiveness” in
IEEE MultiMedia 2007, 14(2):1–7
November 2006 "nm2 at IBC 2006 in Amsterdam", Eurescom mess@ge 3/2006
1 June
nm2 article in BT Today
 "EU project NM2 launched",  Eurescom mess@ge 4/2006
21 November
nm2 article in Greek newspaper "ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ"
30 October
nm2 article in Greek newspaper "ΗΜΕΡΗΣΙΑ"
18 October
nm2 Press release "Movies to become unique to each viewer"

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