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Community website for people who would like to create ShapeShifting media


Related projects

Integrated Project about interactive pervasive gaming

Automating Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution

MediaNet (Multimedia Networking)
Creating a common open and shared delivery platform enabling the easy exchange of digital and audio-video content between creators, providers, customers and citizens

"Integrated Project Research Area Cinema" aims to create a technology chain and workflow that allows the European digital cinema industry to deliver a complete digital experience ‘from scene to screen

"Preservation towards storage and access". Its main objective is to provide technical solutions and integrated systems for a complete digital preservation of all kinds of audio-visual collections.

"Shaping Tomorrow's LIVE iTV Broadcast Experience". The main idea of LIVE is to provide novel content production methods and new iTV video formats and services to enable interactive digital broadcasters to produce new non-linear multi-stream ‘shows’ to stage live media events such as the 2008 Olympic Games.


European R&D Programmes

Information Society
European Commission's Information Society pages

General information about European Union R&D Programmes

6th Framework Programme
Information about the 6th Framework programme


Other Programmes

Programme for European leadership in telecommunications; the new telecommunication related EUREKA cluster project CELTIC focuses on integrated systems

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