The Future of Media Production


nm2 was a collaborative research project uniting leading creative and technology experts from across Europe to address a great opportunity for businesses and consumers: how to develop compelling new media forms which take advantage of the unique characteristics of broadband networks.


nm2 was about creating a variety of new media genres using all of the facilities of modern broadband communication and interactive terminals. The project created new production tools for the media industry that allow the easy production of non-linear broadband media that can be personalised to suit the preferences of the individual user. Viewers are able to interact directly with the medium and influence what they see and hear according to their personal tastes and wishes.


nm2 was succesfully finished in September 2007. The project received funding from the European Commission in the EU Framework Programme 6.




September  2008

ShapeShifting Media – Community Website
Please visit the community website for people who would like to create ShapeShifting media.



19 November 2008

A short video on the NM2 production My News and Sports My Way is now available